Sunday, 8 May 2011

Why massage?

Whilst I was away in India indulging in a 4 month yoga-athon, I stumbled across an amazing Ayurvedic practioner who rescued my poor over stretched body from crumpling into an exhausted heap. After 8 weeks of ardous exercise I had so much lactic acid in my muscles that I really needed to break it down and start a fresh. I had been busy building up muscle strength and flexibility and had forgotten to pamper and nurture my body at the same time. Eventually I went for a massage to relieve some of my aches and pains.
I had planned to go for massages every week before I left for India, yet had somehow not placed myself upon the massage bed as of yet. I had waited until I was pretty broken before I actually admitted I needed some help.
My massage therapist was a tough Russian woman who worked my muscles and joints with her hands and created a heat that burnt through the blockages. She worked over my whole body and flushed out my system of excess toxins. I felt dazed and spacey when I got up but I could feel that my body felt a revitalized and better already. I felt my body starting to detoxify and could feel the release of toxins in my system. I felt like I had a mini hangover and was flushing out all the bad stuff from my body. I was informed to drink lots of water with lemon juice in it, which helps the detoxification process.
I felt like a new person the next day, I felt energized and rejuvenated and all my aches had disappeared. I was amazed at how much of a difference it was from the day before and from that day onwards I decided to have a massage once a week. I figured that my body was worth it and seen as I was expecting so much from it; all I could do in return was to offer it a bit of pampering. When you are demanding so much from your body, a massage is a simple thing to do in return for all it does for you.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ayurveda - The Science Of Life

Ayurveda is the science by which life, in its totality, can be understood. It is one of the oldest and most comprehensive medical systems in the world with writings and teachings of clinical experience going back to the dawn of human history.
It can help us learn about how to maintain good health and improve our energy and awareness. By following an Ayurvedic lifestyle you can chose a diet, daily routine and fitness regime that suits your constitution. This can improve your general health, increase concentration and enhance fitness levels. It works by regaining balance in your  system and providing your body with what it needs to function at a higher level. It teaches us how to maintain that balance and let your body work efficiently and without dis-ease. 
It is more than just an understanding, it is a way of life, a way to live to our full human and spiritual potential.

'Ayurveda treats the human being as a whole, a combination of body, mind and soul. It always considers the psycholoigical and spiritual dimensions of healing along with the physical conditions of the body in order to address our greater being'

This means that our state of mind and general well being affects our health just as much as the food that we eat and the exercise that we undertake. They all play a part in balancing the body and maintaining health and energy levels. Each one affects the others and if one element slips out of balance then all of the others will be affected.

Ayurvedic massage works at expelling toxins from the body therefore cleansing the body from the inside out. It reduces stress and breaks down emotional tension that has built up in the muscles and tissues of the body which in turn causes a deep and healing state of relaxation. This leads to an improvement of our general well being as well as energising and revitalising the body.

Surely Ayurvedic massage should be a part of our regular health care plan and the more we have the better we will feel.